Stock Gang Sheets

These Gang Sheets are exactly what you see and are unable to be edited.

What are Gang Sheets

DTF Gang Sheets are where you are paying for a particular size piece of DTF Film. You are then able to fill it up with your own images sized anyway necessary for your operations.

They are normally made using your own images but are a good way to maximize the space available on a piece of DTF film. They are then printed using our professional equipment! Your images will arrive ready to press onto your garments saving you time and letting you focus on what's important...."Growing your business"!

Note: Gang Sheets are normally shipped as a roll and will require trimming and cutting your designs out.

DTF Transfers are the NEWEST & BEST product you can purchase on the market and we are THRILLED to provide them for you.

What are DTF Transfer?

You are going to experience a new world full of high quality, amazing images that will be sure to take your business to the next level!


DTF has become the most popular & fastest application on the market. They require no weeding, no designing and VERY little effort to apply. You can literally start your own business with a heat press & a T-shirt!

They can be applied to any combination of poly/cotton, including 100% cotton AND almost any other type of material.

We offer Gang Sheets in a few different ways and a variety of sizes.

As of now there are 3 ways to we offer Gang Sheets:

1 - Upload your own

Design your gang sheet using third party software such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva etc. then upload it for printing. Requires knowledge of how to setup correct art board sizes and how to export appropriate files.

2 - Use our online builder

Design your gang sheet using our gang sheet builder and save the cost of expensive third party software. Also rest assured your sheet sizes will always be correct.

3 - Stock Gang Sheets

These are Gang sheets that we build with our images that are normally theme based. These expose your business to trending designs that are appropriate to the time of year and save you time. **Limited quantities available.

Our Gang Sheets are available in these sizes

22" x 12"

22" x 24"

22" x 48"

22" x 72"

22" x 96"

22" x 120" 

What is a DTF transfers you ask?

DTF transfers are a type of garment transfer that has been printed using a water-based DTF Inks that are printed onto a clear release paper. This allows the end user the flexibility of when the transfer is applied and what the transfer is applied to. DTF transfers can be made in single color or full color images.

How to apply your DTF transfer

All DTF transfers from Blu Ridge require the use of a commercial grade heat press due to the high, even pressure that is needed for the correct application. You cannot use a cricut heat press or at home irons. DTF needs even and heavy pressure to seal in the print.

How to Press your DTF Transfers

Prepress garment to remove excess moisture

Be sure to place transfer on shirt vibrant side up facing you.

Pressing Temperature: 320°F

Pressing Time: 8 seconds

Pressure: HIGH 8-9 PSI


Optional: We prefer to do another 8 second press after the cold peel to lock the design into the fibers. 

We are not responsible for damaged transfers after you have pressed them. Please make sure you are knowledgable on your heat, pressing pressure and peeling technique. This includes using non-commercial grade heat presses or irons to try and use our transfers. 



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