Below are the Artwork requirements for ordering custom DTF Transfers here at Blu Ridge Design Co. Please take the time to read them thoroughly and don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is unclear. Failure to comply may result in receiving prints with missing elements, blurriness, pixelation, backgrounds, or simply unsatisfactory appearance that cannot be used on your products. Blu Ridge Design Co cannot be held responsible for undesirable prints resulting from subpar artwork submitted for printing.

• Ensure your artwork is "Ready To Print" before submission. Orders with substandard artwork may be canceled, and you'll receive a store credit to reorder once your images is fixed.

• For optimal results, aim for a 300 DPI resolution. Lower resolutions may result in loss of quality and unclear or jagged prints.

• Artwork quality significantly impacts print quality. If your image appears blurry when zoomed in, it will print blurry. 

• Crop your images before submission to ensure accurate sizing. Failure to do so may result in order cancellation, with a store credit issued for resubmission after image correction.

• Transparent backgrounds are essential for proper printing. Orders with non-transparent backgrounds may be canceled and you'll receive a store credit to reorder with a corrected image.

• We only print artwork as submitted; no alterations are made unless assistance is requested. 

• We do not replace low-quality transfers resulting from low-resolution images for free. You'll need to reorder with a high-quality image at the regular price.

• Our printers use the CMYK color spectrum. Design your artwork accordingly.Additionally, colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor. We do not guarantee colors to match what you see on screen and will not replace transfers as a result of a slight color difference. If you have an extreme color difference please message us so we can assist you.

• We are not liable for color or quality issues arising from low-quality or bad-resolution files provided to us.

• Artwork not suitable for DTF includes screenshots or downloads from social media/google, glowing or hazy effects, transparency or opacity effects, and super thin or small fine details. These may not print as intended or adhere properly to garments. 

• By submitting Artwork to be printed by Blu Ridge Design Co you are agreeing that you have read and agree to the Artwork requirements and that you will not hold Blu Ridge Design Co accountable for any unsatisfactory prints that are a result of subpar artwork submitted.

As always feel free to reach out with any questions regarding your artwork. We're always here to assist!