Hello, We are Chase and Megan Young, the owners of Blu Ridge Design Co. We started Blu Ridge in 2020 as a place to purchase custom made digital designs for many applications. Whether you were making stickers on a cricut, engraving metal and wood with a laser engraver or needing PNG files for sublimation and T-Shirt transfers Blu Ridge Design Co had something to offer you.

Soon after starting digital designs we found ourselves dabling in sublimation printing and providing those transfers and making bleach style T-shirts. While sublimation was neat we could never achieve the quality and flexibility in our products that we desired. We started ordering screen transfers to make our shirts but it also had it's drawbacks. The quality was always hit or miss and the designs that were available were limited to a few colors.

Fast Forward 2 years and Blu Ridge has moved away from sublimation and digital designs world and has become a source for high quality DTF transfers and custom Tee's. We now have the ability to create high quality transfers that have very few limitations and will apply to all kinds of different materials.

DTF Transfer Production Process

Our DTF transfers are printed using a process called "Roll-to-Roll" Printing. The PET Film is printed straight from the roll then goes through our shaker dryer and is rolled back up on the other end. We then remove the roll and carefully trim each transfer to the appropriate size so it is 'Ready-to-Press".

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Make your own Custom T-Shirts

We recommend you use a commercial grade heat press to apply our transfers to high quality Tee's. The result is a very comfortable shirt with a soft, lightweight and durable transfer that will stand the test of time.

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We hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business. Shopping with us you can rest assured that the maximum effort and quality assurance goes into every product, every time.

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On a personal note...

Chase and I have been married for 14 years this November (2022)! We have 3 amazing boys that serve as our motivation to always keep growing and to go after our dreams of entrepreneurship. We love to be outdoors at the beach or on the boat at the lake, hunting, fishing etc. We hope we can earn your business and look forward to serving you. Lastly, if you have any questions at all do hesitate to reach out, We are always happy to help.

-Chase & Megan

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