What are custom DTF (Direct To Film) transfers?

What-are-custom-DTF-Direct-To-Film-transfers Blu Ridge Design Co. LLC

What are custom DTF (Direct To Film) transfers? bluridgedesignco.com

Custom DTF transfers (Direct to Film) are a great way to get your design onto variety of fabrics. They can be used for many different types of projects, including clothing and accessories, home decor, bags, wall art, etc. 

Custom transfers DTF can be pressed onto a variety of T-Shirt materials

including: 100% Cotton Fabrics, 100% Polyester as well as Poly/Cotton Blends.

They can also be pressed onto can cooler sleeves, pillows, canvas, polyester leather, wood and more!! Our DTF transfers have a full white under base, making the design fully opaque.

This means that you can use

these transfers on ANY COLORED garment and the design will show in full bright colors!!!

They have a soft feel and typically last longer than traditional screen-print transfers.

DTF printers work well on both white and dark garments and don't require you to use expensive A+B paper, which is the main reason why they're so popular among designers.

Film printing using high quality DTF film transfer and powder will ensure successful transfer and vivid colors.


DTF printing is a great way to create custom garments for any occasion. With high-quality inks and films, you can create professional-looking designs that will last wash after wash. Follow the directions provided by your supplier and take care when washing your garments to ensure that your design lasts for years to come.

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